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Internal and External Communication

Increase the visibility of your work, research team, research center, organization or company, conquering new partnerships through personalized communication strategies.

Press office and institutional communication

Because communication with the media and the relationship between institutions is essential in order to guarantee the dissemination of results and initiatives, we can ensure several tasks related with the communication with the press and institutional communication.

Strategic communication planning

We help to select what to communicate, when to communicate and to whom to communicate, through the implementation or improve of strategies.

Website, newsletters and social networks management

We continuously manage several external communication channels, ensuring their permanent update and monitoring of results.


We assure the formation of teams in diverse subjects through the close collaboration with professionals specialized in several areas of knowledge.

Scientific curation

We can research, organize and integrate scientific information with rigor and confidentiality.

Secretariat and management services

Do you need a team to provide secretariat services and to support you in the management of your research team, research center, organization or company?
Domiciliation of correspondence, personalized telephone service, management of communications, organisation of databases, collection of quotas and much more!


Promotion and disclosure

Through several communication strategies, we publicize your events and initiatives to your target audience.

Production of miscellaneous materials

We can create logos, websites, flyers, ID cards and other materials for events.


If you have no time and need support in creating and managing content related with your scientific career, we can help!

Creation and management of profiles in professional social networks

We can create and manage your professional profile in several social networks like LinkedIn, Google Scholar, or ResearchGate, ensuring its permanent update.

Creation and management of personal pages

In order to make it easy to contact you and access to your professional profile and scientific career, we can create and manage your personal webpage and spread it among your peers.

Creation and management of curriculum vitae

We can create and update your CV in paper or digital format, ensuring that you will have all the information updated and ready to submit with your projects.


Scientific and technical communication has characteristics that distinguish it from other types of communication. For this reason, Research Trial will find professionals capable of producing content in the field of peer communication, but also capable of simplifying scientific and technical communication, making it accessible to different types of audience. Whether it is a scientific article, a children's story or an instruction manual, we guarantee that we will do our best! We produce, translate, revise and edit several types of content, in different languages and for different types of support, in digital or on paper format.


About several topics!


Of many languages!


Careful and critical!


In different formats!

Corporate Identities

We can create the communication elements necessary so that your research team, research center, organization or company can effectively convey messages and adopt a solid and credible identity.







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