Communication Services
Strictly dedicated to science!

We Create Your Identity!

We can create the profile of your research team, research center, organization or company! Because the creation and maintenance of a solid and credible identity is essential so that communication can exist.







We support your career!

Creation and management of profiles in professional social networks

We can create and manage your professional profile in several professional networks, including LinkedIn, Google Scholar, or ResearchGate.

Creation and management of personal pages on the internet

To make it easy to contact you and to access to your profile and career, we can create and manage your personal webpage.

Creation and update of personal CV

We can create and update your CV for paper or digital support.

External and Internal Communication

Press Relations and Institutional Communication

Because communication with the media and the relationship between institutions is essential to ensure the communication of results and initiatives, we can ensure several tasks involved in the press relations and institutional communication.

Strategic Communication Planning

We can help to know what to communicate and to whom to communicate, implementing or improving communication processes.

Management of Website, Newsletter and Social Networks

We can manage the external communication channels, ensuring their permanent update.


We can ensure the team training in several areas.

Scientific Data Curation

We can search, organize and integrate scientific data.


We can manage and develop human resources.

We can manage contents!

We can produce, translate, review and edit several types of content, in different languages and for different types of support, in digital or paper form.


We can write for several formats!


We can translate many languages!


We can review and review again!


We can edit various contents!

Trust Us Your Events!

Advertise, Organization and Promotion

We can organize, advertise and promote several types of events, including conferences, symposia or workshops.

Production of Several Materials

We can create logos, websites, flyers, ID cards and other materials for events.

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